Monday, 23 April 2012

Model Monday - Gisele Bundchen

This Model Monday I wanted to take someone who is tops in my books, and as I found out with a little assistance from my dear friend Google is also tops in, and put her on display. Gisele Bundchen...need I say more. Brazilian born, beautiful woman, that some say is one of the only remaining TRUE  "supermodels" & also according to Forbes could become the FIRST ever BILLIONAIRE supermodel.

Gisele is signed to IMG Models around the world; New York, London, Paris & Milano. With no need to explain why she has been on multiple covers of Vogue and other magazines, she is a gorgeous woman doing what she loves & doing well.

The gorgeous gene just runs in the family though as her niece, Duda Bundchen, is starting at the career young with some big family shoes to fill.

Duda Bündchen for Brandili Mundi. She has been modeling for Brandili Mundi since 2011 but this year wanted to take a more creative side. Clothing set to be in stores by July, I am sure the families billionaire is in the making.

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