Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Twitter Tuesday

 twitter Tuesday's

 Browsing through my followers in the past couple days trying to find some informative yet relevant tweets I could share with you.
@Beautylish 4 ways to wear pure white pigment:
                They have some great tricks and products on here to assist you with some all white everything. Inglot Cosmetics Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel in White 76 Beautylish mentions literally does not move! I have the #83, #87 & #90 they last all day, as well as on your brush so don't be shocked when you have to do some vicious scrubbing to remove this one!

             She is one to keep up on her twitter. From what I can see she's currently in Japan "Instagramn'" up a storm....lilterally, check her twitter feed for all of the pics!

            Keeps you up to date on everything Fashion...well most everything.

          You can never go wrong with Vogue...but this most recent Vogue posting that I saw caught my eye.  Vogue Paris posted 20 pics of some extremely iconic women from the past in their dressed down denim.

There are how many million of people on twitter so of course I can't follow them all but I will attempt to save some of my favorite over the week & share them with you! Until next twitter Tuesday...

Anyone I should follow on Twitter that you could recommend?

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