Wednesday, 12 September 2012



It is no surprise to me, that my dear friend, who is an amazingly talented woman, is going places....BIG PLACES..and creating some jewelry that is making me SWOON!
*Proud Momma*

"Cuchara is a Canadian jewelry line that began in Victoria then moved to Toronto two years ago, where it's constructed by designer Edilou Canedo out of her Parkdale studio. Her pieces combine colour, texture and style for a mix that's balanced and tasteful."

Launched in 2012 Edi has created some eye catching, contradicting structures to form gorgeous art work for you the consumer & fashionistas to wear. Check out & "like" the CUCHARA lookbook & fabulous style on the CUCHARA facebook page  
if your 
on these FAB designs already, go to CUCHARA's website for more details.



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